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injection pumps

Colombo & Bariani has a wide stock of camshafts for diesel injection systems in line like Bosch, Caterpillar, Zexel, Delphi, Simms or others, from the oldest ones, anyway needing servicing, to the most recent ones like common rail high pressure pumps, like Bosch CP1 or CP4.

We can however manufacture by drawing or sample, even if worn out, of any kind of shaft for any kind of application.

Colombo & Bariani's high flexibility allows the production from the single piece to the continuative manufacture of repetitive lots. During our many years of activity we have had the possibility to file shaft samples or drawings, even of those which are no more on the market, as original spare parts, therefore offering our customers a complete service for any kind of requirements in this sector.

We are able to produce ranging from the smallest to long and complex parts, with the possibility to produce both with traditional machinery and with CNC production lines. Over more then 80 years of activity we have served the most important spare parts dealers with special and continuative supplies, by always guaranteeing precision and accuracy, with definitely competitive prices and with the quality of the most European productions.